Artist Statement


My work is a consequential step of giving form to space and imagination. The sculptures are about how to change something in a way that keeps the before, after and intervening transformation equally visible The transformative abilities of art-condensation of materials, context, community and intent-are the core of my art making practice. Perceptions of art can be considered and understood within the milieu of one's environment and as a paradigm of culture.   Specific site projects inform the development of my new sculptures as the history of each place provides context for the image, scale and material within the public or private domain.  

My production often appears to present aesthetic oxymorons that occupy both sides of formal and conceptual oppositions such as material versus effect.   I am currently developing sculptures that continue to circumvent barriers of spatial articulation. 
I have worked with non-traditional materials employing corrugated cardboard, inflated plastic, nylon and Plexiglas both in the studio and with the aid of industrial fabricators. I explore scale, building and modeling of objects, translucency and the absence and presence of objecthood.

Physically shifting the scale, material and site alters the subjectivity of experience.My current work is intended to further incorporate this dialogue and apply it to a larger, public space designed to change the way we are informed by and see the world we live in, questioning the notions of perception and how the conversation between timelessness and static objecthood may be renegotiated.